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11 Question: What should be the minimum distance between a woman and a man while both are performing prayers (salat)? whether both can offer prayers within the same room?
Answer: The least distance is an “arm” length. In the said case, a woman can pray behind a man, if she believe the man is 'Adil'.
12 Question: What should be the minimum distance between a man and a woman when both are offering prayers?
Answer: If a man standing in front and a woman behind, the least distance between them is that the place of prostration for woman can be in equal line with knee of the man. There would be no objection in it.
13 Question: Can I say congregational prayer with my Sunni brothers? And can I lead prayers when I pray with them?
Answer: There is no objection in standing in a Sunni congregational prayer. However, the person should recite Hamd and Surah on his own in the first two ‘Rak’ats’ – even if it has to be in low voice though. Also, it is permissible for him to lead them in prayer.
14 Question: Is it allowed for a man's wife or daughter to pray next to him in Prayer?
Answer: No, they must not stand next to him or in front of him in prayer, if there is no barrier in between them.
15 Question: Is it allowed for a man to put his elbows on the ground during sajdah in prayer?
Answer: It is permissible and it's better not to put them on the ground.
16 Question: Is it makruh to close the eyes during Prayer?
Answer: It is permissible but it is makrooh (undesirable).
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